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Scripps College Alumnae Association

I have created two sites for the Scripps College Alumnae Association to fit with the designs of the preexisting college site at the time.
The first site was frames based. The college website utilized frames, yet because many of the departments within the college maintained their own pages, there was inconsistency to the look and feel of the site. I created a site with the same basic specifications as the College, site, but with JavaScript rollover navigation catered specifically to the Alumnae Association.

Also because this site was to be updated by students and staff, a template was established for the content pages.

The second site was created because the design for the College site was changed. Because it appeared as though the college site might be changing more often than many other sites, I decided to utilize the template, and site control functions in Dreamweaver for this site which made the redesign much simpler than it could have been, and will make a future redesign as simple as changing the site templates.

I recreated the JavaScript rollovers and menus at the top to fit with the overall content of the Alumnae Association site, and created easy to change templates.
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