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Animal Welfare League of Arlington

This site was developed in cooperation with, an organization that provides free technical support to animal shelters, humane societies and rescue organizations in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

This website is updated by the community education coordinator at the Animal Welfare League. Because her primary job is not the website, and she did not have the resources to either learn or purchase a new web-editing program, the site as it is presented today is in FrontPage, the web-editing software available.

I worked closely with her to design the site to her specifications. The site was designed initially in hand-coded html. Several mockups were presented to the client and finally a decision was made. Once that decision was made, and the template was set, the design was copied into FrontPage. I then trained the client in the use of Front Page, with specific focus on the templates and consistency of the site.

I have continued working with the Animal Welfare League to add new features to their site, and train the client in the use of photo editing software, to facilitate the eventual posting of their adaptable animals.
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